Agro Textiles: A Novel Application

A textile fabric has a long history of application in agriculture. The word “agrotextiles” now is used to classify the woven, nonwoven and knitted fabrics applied for agricultural & horticultural uses covering livestock protection, shading, weed and insect control, and extension of the growing season. Agrotextiles help to keep sufficient soil humidity and increase the […]

Future of Nonwoven Fabrics

Usually people consider textile fabrics as the common categorization such as woven, knitted, braided or tufted constructions. They commonly abandon nonwoven fabrics form the textile group. In the conventional fabric, the fibre is first made into yarns; on the other hand, nonwovens are manufactured sheets or webs directionally or randomly orientated fibres, bonded through resistance, […]

What Are Geo-Textiles?

Geo-Textiles can be defined as “a fabric or synthetic material placed between the soil and a pipe, gabion or retaining wall; to enhance water movement and retard soil movement and act as a blanket to add reinforcement and separation.” These are generally made up of woven, nonwovens and knitted type of fabrics. Geo-Textiles also known […]

Insight: Five Reasons the Nonwovens Market Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

Today, innovations in nonwovens are growing as quickly as global demand. From housewraps to laundry aids, nonwovens open up a large and ever-increasing number of possibilities for a range of industries. This insight refers to all industrial nonwovens which are sold business to business and are used mostly in commercial operations. Applications are diverse, and […]

Focused Fabric Knowledge

Textile Processes: Any Person who enjoys making or researching of fabrics, must know the standard fabric procedures. These consist of procedures such as spinning, weaving, coloring, knitting and so on associated with making basic textile products such as fibers, yarns & threads, materials & clothing and so on. As a matter of fact, it includes […]

Textile & Fashion Industry in Turkey

Market Review Textile and also Fashion industry has a terrific contribution to the Turkish economic climate. The industry has actually been denominated as the locomotive of the Turkish Economy for many years. Turkey’s textile and apparel exports proceeded increasing lately after started dropping in January, with elimination of EU and United States quotas. The industrialisation […]